The Gnomon timepiece features an authentic outlook recreating Roman classic sundials and a single handed time telling system, referring to an actual gnomon which is reflected in the name of the watch. The idea to create Gnomon was born from a passion of researching craftsmanship of watchmaking and the history of timepieces itself. Our very small but talented team was drown together by this goal and we started to work on the project in 2016. Gnomon boasts several cool and unique design elements that make it a valuable addition to the wristwatch industry as well as some handicraft parts and an automatic Japanese made movement.

The key feature of the first Solar Lab collection is its fresh, stylish outlook inspired with an appearance of sundials from Ancient Rome. It has only one hand which serves to tell both hours and minutes and refers to a gnomon. Gnomon is a pointer of a sundial which casts a shadow on a dial during sunny parts of a day and telling the actual time. Our hand is the representation of a gnomon's shadow, slowly circling through the dial as it was meant in the ancient times.