Gnomon Black
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Gnomon Black

260 руб.
Gnomon boasts several cool and unique design elements that make it a valuable addition to the wristwatch industry as well as some handicraft parts and an automatic Japanese made movement. Gnomon bears an authentic dial mapping similar to Roman sundials with hour indexes filling the according stretching area. Gnomon has been designed to look not only uniquely interesting and attractive, but also stylish, sophisticated and universal. It fits every wrist perfectly and suits tastes of both antique seekers and modern watch enthusiasts. It may seems difficult to tell the time by Gnomon, but it's pretty easy! There are two layers with markings. The inner layer offers several indexes to get a full picture of the current time: full hour indexes have corresponding hour numbers and placed in a conventional way and separated by volumetric half hour indexes and small 10-minute indexes. After some practice you'll be feeling yourself comfortable in telling the time with precision even in 10-minute intervals! The outer layer serves both as a supportive tool and as an aesthetic feature. It's divided on twelve areas with Roman numerals. Each area has starting point which indicates the beginning of an hour and numerals are equivalent to half hour markers. This way you can use the outer layer to help you in telling the time by the inner layer or try to read the time like Romans did!

Technical information

Case dimensions: 43 x 11 mm
Maximum wrist size: 215 mm
Weight: 65 gram
Country: Canada
Materials: Stainless steel / кожа
Movement: Miyota 8215 Automatic
Glass: Sapphire
Water ressistance: 5 ATM
Warranty: 12 months