LIP Watches

Legendary french watchmaker LIP has reached almost 150 years of its history! You can buy it now in our Lip watches UK and Europe store. Everything started in 1867 with Napoleon Bonaparte timepiece made by Emmanuel Lipmann. In the first half of XX century LIP factory produced watches for french military troops and aviary during both World Wars. Later in XX century LIP timepieces became a synonym of innovation in watch industry. LIP watches were highly admired by mid-century politicians and considered as a valuable gift. LIP electric movements turned out to be predcessors of modern quartz gear and lens design was also one of many LIP know-hows. In the 70's with help of famous engineer Roger Tallon first designer watch ever was created — Mach 2000 model.

You can buy on It's My Wrist Lip electronic watch, which is exactly the same the the company produced in past. Nowadays Lip designer watches watches are living history on a wrist — company designers carefully broaden the collection of classic models, making it one of a kind vintage timepiece both for nostalgic individuals and style advocates.

The success of of LIP classics watch was great, the company was expanding, LIP automatic watch was in demand and incredibly popular, and Fred Lip considered a genius of the industry hours. However, already in 1973, Fred was forced to resign, and his company became bankrupt. A year later she was back to life Claude Niswonger, who took the reins in his hands. Claude hired seven designers from various fields, considered the best in the business. The results were amazing, because they managed to create magnificent collections, and still considered the pinnacle of the avant-garde among chronometers.

At the end of the 20th century the company was acquired by Jean-Claude Senzameta, gave LIP a second wind, also under his leadership, the company opened the first French online store hours. In 2012 the company celebrated its 145th anniversary, however, even by accident such a long period, the brand never ceases to grow and not lose its relevance, constantly giving their fans something new and unknown.