Bottle Watch Spirit Grey
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Bottle Watch Spirit Grey

114 руб.
Bottle is a unisex, analogue watch with raised nodules around its glass perimeter, similar to those found on the bottom of a glass beverage bottle. Industrial Facilities noticed that there are often exactly sixty of these nodules found on a typical beer bottle where the function is to avoid suction between the bottle and a table surface. This observation makes a useful correlation to the units of timekeeping and replicating these nodules creates a strikingly irridescent appearance when light hits its face at different angles. 

It was designed for Nava in colours that follow typical glass bottles - brown ale, green wine, clear spirt and blue water.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 40 mmх 9 mm
Country: Italy
Materials: Anodised Aluminium / Silicone
Movement: Citizen quartz 2036
Glass: Plastic
Water ressistance: 3 ATM
Warranty: 12 months