TRIWA Watches

TRIWA was established in 2007 in Stockholm by four friends, who shared the various roles within the company, TRIWA watches, which you can buy in our store. They set a goal to focus on the creation and implementation of original designer watches and accessories. TRIWA abbreviation means Transform the industry of watches, letting the founders to tell the world that they came to the watch industry to transform it entirely. TRIWA designer watches are the great deal being the perfect mix of various things, including modern design with regular innovations, new distribution and creative marketing. Thanks to this combination, the brand was able to become not only successful, but also to pursue this goal, which is transforming the stereotypical perception of the indicators of status in the elements of style.

You can buy it in our TRIWA watches UK and Europe representative store. very TRIWA designer watch is an actual result of thoughtful combination of the perfect classical shapes, modern Swedish view on design and the use of the best materials. TRIWA guys produce only the watches they would like to wear themselves, and therefore able to follow the modern trends of fashion and product design. Some of the finest examples are on TRIWA watches sale - check it now!

Manufacturers say they like to consider their brand similar to time itself, not stopping even for a second, always developing and always with its own unique essence. Today TRIWA watch is a great option to get a perfect chronometer.

Over the seven years of the company's history, its creators still remain best friends, as well as its main representatives. Perhaps it might also be called one of the reasons due to which TRIWA designer watches presented by hundreds of retailers in twenty different countries.

However, each of the company's watches offer skillful combination of two metal and gorgeous innovative straps that are made of vegetable tanned leather. The packagins is also a true masterpiece of design, which confirms that it is an exclusive product of the highest quality with its own soul.