LUNAR Rose Gold
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LUNAR Rose Gold

174 руб.
There is no room for grey-areas in ZIIIRO Lunar's provocative 50/50 watch face. Moving in clock-wise direction, the light half moon consumes the watch face with time to come, while the dark side represents what lies in the future ahead. Thereby it is forming a constantly changing, interlocked icon on your wrist.
The sophisticated two-part Lunar casing is constructed using brushed 316L stainless steel.

Forget the days when you have to look for a light source or dig your pockets for the mobile phone to read time in the dark. This watch glows in the dark with sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 43 mm x 8,5 mm
Maximum wrist size: 210 mm
Country: Germany
Materials: Stainless steel
Movement: MIYOTA 2025
Glass: Закаленное минеральное
Water ressistance: 3 АТМ
Warranty: 12 month