Braun BN0106 black
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Braun BN0106 black

430 руб.
Prestige premium BN-10 Braun watch is a perfect tool for focusing on your style in formal ambiance and turning you into an attention beacoun in casual situations. BN-10 is absolutely new exhibit in Braun watch collection, but it strictly refers to original design manifesto by Dieter Rams in every detail. Minimalistic approach, attention to details, innovative technology and peaceful coexistence between shapes and content — that's all about Braun watches. With BN-10 you'll be relieved of necessity to wonder how does your watch fit you — it always fits perfect!

Digital BN-10 watches are being produced in Germany since 2011. It took only a year to earn some major awards including iF and Red Dot 2012. BN-10 was designed by Hannes Wettstein AG in Switzerland and depicted by Red Dot jury as "technical sophistication expressed through its futuristic looks". Case of BN-10 is produced from surgeon 316L steel and surprisingly easy holds balance between graceful shape and impressive measurements. Patented regulation system EasyScroll lets you cycle throug watch modes quckly and comfortably. BN-10 watches offer you premium steel bracelets and synthetic polyurethane straps — choice of the way to complete the look is yours! LCD screen is protected with hardened K1 glass for better reliability, providing also bright LED-backlight, energy saving sensor and bunch of handy chronograph functions. 

Technical information

Case dimensions: 41 mm х 39 mm х 9 mm
Maximum wrist size: 215 mm
Weight: 170 gram
Country: Germany
Materials: Stainless steel
Movement: Ven_10.1
Glass: K1 hardened
Water ressistance: 3 АТМ
Warranty: 24 months