Briston watches

The brand was founded in 2012 by Brice Janeut who previously worked as the specialist in many famous watch companies, and with the launch of its own brand decided to create watches in the spirit of our time, combining the preppy design style and philosophy of watchmaking tradition of Switzerland, which are Briston watches that you can now buy in our store. Briston designer watches received a truly remarkable appearance. Briston watches are performed in acetate case with the imitation of the horn that allows you not only to be written off in a preppy style, but also easy to add the look heritage, along with adding a touch of extravagance modern chic sport.

You can buy the newest and most interesting Briston chronograph watch in our store. Briston watches are a perfect fit with almost everything.You The company name came from the historic and picturesque village in Norfolk, located in the Eastern part of England. Though Brice's Wife and a Frenchman, name of his company and the product style are highly influenced by student of the Creator, held in Oxford. Brice fills his own company preppy style, which is professed spirit of the old pupils of schools in Britain. Modern Briston designer watches  include dedication and years of watchmaking experience Switzerland. Chic and Preppy sports style is a symbiosis of standardization and alternative, the same high quality as relaxed, free and curious. Now available for all Briston UK and Europe fans.

Shape of Briston designer watches is fabulous and fascinating. Briston represent a square with slightly rounded corners and a round dial that looks very massive, but not heavy. Dimensions 42 mm may be ideal to go for a large male hand or on a delicate female wrist. Despite the fact that timepieces are marketed as unisex, there are models of Briston watches in bright colors, suitable for ladies, or more simple tones which will appeal to men. Briston watch uses its own design with the four different steel textures, perfectly matched in color, that together with mineral glass allows you to recreate the illusion of a true time capsule. This chronometer if he runs the time and not counting it.

By the way, the watch Briston is very massive and felt on hand, but the rubber strap allows them to sit perfectly on the wrist. The company's product range comprises various types of straps that allows you to put your own stylistic experiments.