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Only 100 pieces of this watch exist worldwide, and no two are identical. Each watch has a unique mix of colors and texture.

Vertigo is inspired by the colours and patterns and textures found in the natural landscape. Award-winning print artist Paul Wardski designed this bold, statement watch as a piece of wearable art, that you can enjoy every day. 

Paul loves to travel and he talks about the feeling of Vertigo when he's exploring mountaintops. He explains that with the Vertigo watch, he translates this feeling by creating miniature abstract worlds that turn and evolve as time passes. Paul comments about the design and process involved in creating these watches:

“I wanted to create a design that represents the changing landscape through time. I incorporated the pattern of the natural landscape into the design, through the textures of the environment.

Each dial is unique and printed using a collagraph plate made from found materials and run through an intaglio press. This process enables me to create textures and patterns that form otherworldly macrocosms.”

Reading the time on this watch is easier than you might think. The bold, graphic shapes point you to the time: the triangle points the minutes, and the straight line shows the hours.

Technical information

Case dimensions: 37 x 8 mm
Maximum wrist size: 215 mm
Weight: 50 gram
Country: United Kingdom
Materials: Stainless Steel
Movement: ST1721 20 Jewel Automatic
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 5 ATM
Warranty: 12 months