Wedding Anniversary
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Wedding Anniversary

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This clock counts down the days until your wedding anniversary. The window at the bottom shows the traditional gift associated with each anniversary: running from Paper for the first anniversary all the way to Diamond for 60 years of marriage. 

The clock makes a great wedding or anniversary gift and means you'll never be in any danger of forgetting your anniversary! 

Full list of wedding anniversaries:

Paper1 yearLace13 years
Cotton2 yearsIvory14 years
Leather3 yearsCrystal15 years
Linen4 yearsChina20 years
Wood5 yearsSilver25 years
Iron6 yearsPearl30 years
Wool7 yearsCoral35 years
Bronze8 yearsRuby40 years
Pottery9 yearsSapphire45 years
Tin10 yearsGold50 years
Steel11 yearsEmerald55 years
Silk12 yearsDiamond60 years

Technical information

Case dimensions: 220mm x 135mm x 50 mm
Country: United Kingdom
Materials: PVC (CAS 9002-86-2)
Movement: Quartz unjewelled clock movement
Warranty: 12 months