Chroma Leather
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Chroma Leather

140 руб.
The Chroma Watch designed by Laurinda Spear.
The seconds minutes and hours pass across the evolving colors of Chroma’s dial displaying a kaleidoscope Munsell measurement (the Munsell Measurement is the standard measure of three dimensions of color: tone, value and color purity).

While Chroma’s numerals change color every second, the hour hand colors merge from one color palette to another more gradually creating beautiful hues of the color spectrum.

How does the Chroma Watch work? Well, it has two color wheels; one that turns every second make the numbers flash or fade on and off and the second color wheel is behind the hour hand making the hour hand change 16 colors over a 12 hour period.

The Chroma Watch by Laurinda Spear comes with an “exclusive” Projects mesh stainless steel band that prevents pinching of the hair or skin. The band connects to the watch on the backside of the watch showing no visible connection. A contemporary and modern watch destined to be a classic.

Chroma is a 38mm diameter (1.50″) and 8.7mm high (0.34″) unisex watch utilizing Swiss parts. It is made of all brushed stainless steel and is water resistant to 150ft.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 38mm x 9 mm
Maximum wrist size: 215 mm
Weight: 30 gram
Country: USA
Materials: Stainless steel / Geniune leather
Movement: ISA
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 3 АТМ
Warranty: 12 months