Slow Jo watches

In the times of design era there are certain methods to express the idea. You can buy an amazing example of it - Slow Jo watch - on It's My Wrist. Some people create unusual ways of recreating a classic time telling, others rely on the shapes and external appearance, with the aim to draw attention to their brand. However, there is one concept that has recently become a standalone category in the watch industry, but also significantly changes the time telling experience. This is the category of single hand watches, which includes Slow designer watches, available for UK and Europe in our store.

Visit the Slow Jo watch sale to see and buy it for the best price. German brand Slow was created by four like-minded friends. All of them worked in the watch industry for a long period of time until they realized that their work was a waste of time. Then these friends decided to change their approach to business, and soon the Slow watch brand was born. Philosophy gave birth to the concept by people who have their own vision of time.

Slow Jo have more philosophy than design features. Employees of the Slow company didn't want to work on the boring watches anymore, that led to the idea to create something new, got them rid of the seriousness and gave some boost. During the reunion Slow Jo watch was born, single hand timepiece that shows that the time requires more than a simple relationship, so as not to become their prisoner.

Designer watches slow his whole appearance shows that rush is absolutely not worth it, enjoy the moment! The design of the watch is produced in the severity of their appointment. The dial has 24-hour form, which almost imperceptibly moves a single arrow, with a rather sketchy gradation minute segments with a 15 minute interval. If you start to follow the dial of this timepiece, it may seem like time froze. The impressive dimensions of the housing have a perfect design, protection from damage and bumps and additional reliability is achieved by reinforced mineral crystal.