Tendence Watches

The creators of these timepieces, both in classic and sporty style, care not only about their appearance, but also the usability, presenting you their Tendence watches, which you can order on It's My Wrist. However, the company seeks uniqueness for each model, considering that the Tendence designer watches must be not only a tool of time telling, but also a truly personal accessory that is able to complement the image of its owner.

Buy these amazing Tendence watches UK, Europe and worldwide. These designer watches are manufactured from the highest quality materials and offer several different series. Several watch models are produced in a limited edition. Recently the Tendence watch company released their ultimate model. It's the Gulliver collection in which all watches has a huge round case with a diameter of 47-50 mm. It's made of stainless steel or steel with an IP coating, ceramic alloy and steel, or alloy of carbon fiber and steel. Tendence watches prices are quite affordable for such kind of watchmaking masterpiece.

The most interesting is design of the dial, which includes certain notable details. Outer part of the watch has designer volumetric digits in different colours, while the central area have markers and hands. On the top there is the Tendence logo, and the bottom part has a date window. Tendence chronographs have a similar dial design, but with added chronograph windows to the left and right.

The brand collection also has some Skeleton models. The name of the series already explains some of the design features. It still has design with volumetric digits, but it also has the transparent area in the center which reveals the mesmerizing movement parts and work.