Oblivio Chocolate
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Oblivio Chocolate

135 руб.
115 руб.

WeWOOD Oblivio Chocolate

Introducing the all new LIMITED EDITION Oblivio Chocolate. The Oblivio Chocolate has a multi function Miyota movement which details the day of the week, hours of the day and the date all detailed in a beautiful pop of stuble gold finishing. The WeWOOD Oblivio Chocolate is made from Indian Rosewood native to Asia. Indian Rosewood known for is strength and durability and often used for crafting fine furniture and often used for the dark pieces of chess on a chess board The watch has stunning pop of gold on the crown and the markers on the face, making this a truly striking watch that will stand out on the wrist.

Due to the season and age of the wood chosen for your uniqueWeWood Timepiece, colors may be darker or lighter (within reason and hue) than the photo.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 46 mm
Maximum wrist size: 210 mm
Weight: 30 gram
Country: Italy
Materials: Rosewood
Movement: Miyota (Japan)
Glass: Mineral
Warranty: 12 months