Orbit Banana
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Orbit Banana

147 руб.
Welcome to the ZIIIRO galaxy where the hour and minute orbits around its parent star ZIIIRO. The Orbit displays time by utilising two planets, the colored orb representing the hour and white orb displaying the minute. Resting on a bracelet strap, it combines silicone and metal to form a flexible bracelet watch.

This model is fully interchangeable with other models in the rubber bracelet series.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 36 mm x 9 mm
Maximum wrist size: min. 150 мм, max. 210 mm
Weight: 40 gram
Country: Germany
Materials: Stainless steel/silicone
Movement: Miyota 1L-26 (Japan)
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 3 АТМ
Warranty: 12 month