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115 руб.
The second CONTEMPUS series is offering two size options: 36 and 42 mm in diameter. Their ultra slim cases are made of stainless steel and PVD-coated, which makes it weigh almost nothing. The Amfiteatro and Kupolo straps are made of suede. The watches run on Japanese-made Miyota GL26 movement designed specifically for slim cases. The case is protected with solid crystal mineral glass and has 5 ATM water resistance.

This collection reflects the changes in a sophisticated architectural landscape throughout the past thousands of years of humanity’s creativity. From ancient monumental structures to futuristic constructions born from continual progress. Preserving the uniqueness of the landscape with artisan features and unique traits, given to it by people, who bring a spark of life to the object with their own vision and character.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ⌀ 36 х 7 mm
Maximum wrist size: 220 mm
Weight: 35 gram
Country: USA
Materials: Stainless steel / leather
Movement: Miyota Slim GL26
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 5 АТМ
Warranty: 12 months