CHPO watches

This watch brand was founded in 2005,  by Swedish designer Johan Grafner, a native of Stockholm who have received higher education in the field of design in London and later developed the Cheapo watch which you can buy on It's My Wrist. However, designer is only a profession, but Johan's greatest passion is street art and skateboarding. The culture and aesthetics of their own passions have helped to create a lifestyle brand Cheapo, whose mission is the development of street fashion, but also develop stylish clothes, with views of both the higher brands, but more affordable. This corresponds to the Cheapo designer watches.

Buy these stylish and interesting watches from Cheapo Europe representative. The company Cheapo was always on 100% brand offering stylish accessories for fans of skateboarding. The company's philosophy is simple – to make products that can be worn anywhere. Grafner is committed to providing each of the products to Cheapo watch to be worn in all situations, regardless of income, Hobbies and everything else, and he managed to achieve this – the company's products are revered by every fan of extreme sports.

According to Johan Grafner, he created the company to inspire people to be themselves, others and different. In this regard, the company combines the style of minimalism, street, pop art, male and female, contemporary and classic, with the expected intriguing. Cheapo designer watches are created for everyday wear in any location that allows to distinguish the style from other brands, where there is a strict division into categories.

The main products of the brand at all times were Cheapo designer watches. In addition, the company produces stylish sunglasses and other accessories. However, the implementation of the projects takes place in cooperation with designers from Sweden and abroad, international organizations, the public, and all who love the culture of extreme sports. By the way, in most companies, a corporate volunteering expressed in the Association of Good People, where are the talents of its sphere, with common values and vision, wanting to create something good. However, the Cheapo there are quite has some world-famous masters of the skateboard and snowboard.