Cronometrics watches

Men watches can be compared with a branded handbag for ladies. These accessories are responsible for the image, and the face of a man, for example take these Cronometrics watches which you can buy on It's My Wrist. Ulterior motive is that men has to have expensive watch, shoes and cufflinks. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a man in a cheap pants, mint shirt, but with expensive watches and cufflinks. However, this statement is true, proved by Cronometrics designer watches all over the world, including UK and Europe.

The triangle is the simplest form of connection of three points, the Foundation of any three-dimensional creations and the beginning of any object, the true and natural geometry. Cronometrics designer watches created to bring this concept to like-minded people. All those who wants to find a balance in your own life, make your time something tangible and to develop something new will be fascinated by these timepieces.

Cronometrics designer watches are created for a creative person, able to consider the beautiful in the details. However, modern, intuitive and discreet design this hours will not be a final stroke of creativity, but will inspire the creation of something new. The company Cronometrics makes enormous efforts to create a unique and memorable design that reached true harmony in your own details and received a perfect aesthetics, is able to incarnate into something larger on the wrist of each person.

Founders Connie Ng and Robert Dabi officially launched Cronometrics in 2016, following over a year of comprehensive development and fine tuning. Robert, who is head of design, has over eleven years of professional experience in various aspects of art, illustration and design, culminating in his dedication to watches after he helped construct the brand ZIIIRO. He oversees all of Cronometrics’ creative direction, channeling into it the innovative passion and modernist artistry that encompasses every aspect of his life. Connie, on the other hand, uses her considerable business acumen as the company’s sales and marketing manager to provide a dependable corporate infrastructure for introducing the line in key markets across the world. Completing the fittingly opportune “trio” behind the brand is consultant Derick Ip, whose six years in the watch industry gives him an insider’s perspective on trends, production and technical matters. Together they are committed to delivering the future of timepieces today.