Eone Bradley watches

Even being rich on prominent objects and interesting ideas, the watch industry very rarely offers a truly significant product, like eone bradley watch which you can buy in our store. It becomes even more interesting when there is such a curious product like Eone Bradley designer watches.

You can order the unique and innovative Bradley by Eone on It's My Wrist. Bradley designer watches have a non-standard concept. Eone has created timepieces along with Bradley Snyder, former member of the armed forces of the United States, who several years ago lost his sight during the period of hostilities. A year later, Snyder has managed to win the gold and silver of the Paralympics in London, which inspired the company to create a special wristwatch that enables people with eyesight problems, without the various trade-offs and inconveniences to determine the time. Taking into account the fact that for this category of people there is little alternative to the digital watch with voice alert, Eone Bradley watch immediately attracted attention. And this is not surprising, as these chronometers with ease and accuracy cope with the tasks they.

Non-standard hybrid mechanism based on magnets made possible to fix the steel sector, as a substitute for arrows. Turning the crown changes the position of the magnets, which move as time progresses, securely locking the scope in certain moments. Spheres in these two unique hour – minute placed in the middle of the dial, special canvas, a hour – on the edge of the housing. Now available for Eone Bradley watch UK and Europe admirers.

The Eone Bradley watch dial is not needed to protect the glass, because it is smooth and flat structure resides in a small cavity. On the surface, placed a large steel handles, making it quite easy to tell the time, just probing the position of the spheres. It should be noted superbly thought-out tactile navigation. We can say that Bradley designer watches did not become revolutionary, but the attention to detail and the ability of developers to squeeze out of the existing conditions high, deserve encouragement. These parts allowed us to achieve the ideal end result, standing of their money. However, there is nothing surprising here, as all the founders of the brand have the highest degree obtained in a design university.

Timepieces that compliment a good straps, for example, the classical version of woven steel as well as more traditional leather strap, textile cotton pad, located on the extended part of the strap. All this allows to obtain incredibly stylish appearance.