Bradley Element
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Bradley Element

Bradley watch may be rightfully considered as revolutionary breakthrough in time telling. Despite its clear noble purpose Bradley watch is meant for everyone longing not only to wear unique timepiece, but to change the perspective of time telling as a whole. In the summer 2013 Eone watches started the Kickstarter campaign and gained more than 600,000 $. The reason for such success is not only in uncommon and innovative design.

Bradley watch earned its name because of Bradley Snyder, US marine officer whose eyes were badly damaged in 2011 during operation in Afghanistan, However this terrible injury only made Bradley stronger and in 2012 he participated in paralympic games and achieved several golden and silver medals in swimming disciplines. Eone team was impressed by Bradley's courage and offered young man to participate in creation of new watch for visually impaired people, building hopes to crush the wall of inequality. This decision was a beginning of Bradley Watch history.

To achieve its goal Eone paired classic quartz movement with couple of magnetic spheres. First one is placed on a face of the watch depicting current minutes while second sphere can be found on a case's side "orbit" — it tells hours. 12 relief index marks complete the composition of ergonomic design — you don't need to "watch" the time anymore. Now you can feel it.

But it would be unfair to blame only its functionality for Bradley's success. Eone Watches managed to create remarkable and interesting looks with unusual and comfy design. Gracious shapes and innovative time telling system are backed up with smooth and beautiful titanic case and volumetric details. Bradley offers two options of strap unit: either it's lightweight cotton band with leather inserts or steel bracelet — the choice is yours!

Such versatility gives Bradley Watch an advantage in a role of "must-have" accessoire. And it's obvious that with Bradley we contemplate something absolutely new and important for industry is being born — beautiful, functional and one-of-a-kind watches for everyone.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 40 mmx 11,5 mm
Maximum wrist size: 217 mm
Weight: 75 gram
Country: USA
Materials: Titanium/Stainless steel
Water ressistance: 5 АТМ
Warranty: 12 months