Komono watches

Japanese Komono word means an "accessory", however, many are confused when they find out that the brand comes not from Japan but from Belgium, offering unique Komono watches which you can buy on It's My Wrist. What is instilled in the young designers Raf Maes and Anton Janssens the love for Japanese culture, so far unknown. At the same time, the company produces have already received a demand of stylish watches, along with t-shirts and hoodies street style, Speaking of which, these things are retro-futuristic design. Available for UK and Europe.

You can buy amazing and original Komono watches online in our store.The philosophy of the series is based on a blurring of the boundaries through which the company wants to erase the border between the new and the classic, between fashion and design, between the feminine and masculine, colour and minimalistic style and accessory.

According to the creators of the brand, Komono designer watches are cool and trendy accessories designed in retro-futuristic style, offered at an affordable price, without sacrificing design or quality. Indeed, the price for such high quality products almost in two times cheaper than the goods of direct competitors of the brand. At the same time, the appearance and quality of the chronometer Komono much higher, spreading the style among Komono watches UK and Europe owners.

It becomes clear why in such a short period of time Komono watches became the desire of many creative individuals around the world, and the design Studio from Belgium has become an international company, gained fame and many fans. All this resulted even in the creation of new currents of modern philosophy – Komonism, whose essence lies in finding and experiences from new experiences through travel, but not only in their standard sense, but also through the journeys within himself. Komono designer watches, Komono represent an amazing combination of retro and futuristic style. The presence of neat dials with minimalist details, with durable straps, and a wide selection of colors and bright prints – that's what distinguishes Komono watches among others.

Each of the models has its own characteristics. For example, Komono Magnus watch has a big 46 mm case, crafted using surgical steel, mounted on a removable genuine leather strap. The dial is decorated with large tick marks for hours and minutes, followed by a thin and high-contrast arrows.