M&Co 5 O'Clock
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M&Co 5 O'Clock

What can be said of the Number 5? Its allusions are many from pop culture of the day to the time the word day ends!

Here is a classic example of when less is more. What more can be said about 5 O’Clock?  After all, how does the saying go? It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere all the time! The 5 Watch is typical of the witticisms of the M&Co Collection of Watches. Meant to amuse and bring a smile to your face. The 5 Watch does this and more.

5 also represents that solemn morning hour of the beginning of the day as well. Simple and clean 5 is all present.

Each hand-crafted timepiece is made of stainless steel ensuring a finish that stays looking new and comes with a genuine topstitched black leather band lined with a taupe glove leather finish and a matching black buckle.

The late Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co. began his legendary relationship with time in 1983. In the spirit of the motto imprinted on the backside of the watches – “Waste Not a Moment.”  The 5 O’Clock M&Co Happy Hour Watch.

Made of IP black stainless steel, 5 (5 O’Clock) is 33mm in diameter (1.30″) and 6.35mm high (1/4″) making this timeless classic perfect for any size wrist. 5 O’Clock is complimented with a black leather stitched 18mm tapered band.

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 33 mm x 6 mm
Maximum wrist size: 195 mm
Weight: 25 gram
Country: USA
Materials: Stainless steel/Genuine Leather
Movement: Miyota (Japan)
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 3 АТМ
Warranty: 12 month