Reveal black steel 40 mm
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Reveal black steel 40 mm

135 руб.
With the 40mm Reveal Watch, time is always in the present. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. If you are a person of the present, this watch is made specifically for you. Originally introduced in 2001, The Reveal Watch has never been duplicated.

Simple and beautiful, the 40mm Reveal Watch has three discs.  The first or outer disc shows the hour. With each passing moment the correct time “fades” into view while the older time fades out of view. The center or middle disc displays the minutes in increments of “5″ while the center or smallest disc has a small dot indicating the seconds.

This classic minimalist watch becomes even more contemporary in a bigger, bolder size that compliment’s the design’s unique subtlety. The new 40mm Reveal Watch is available two ways. Both made of stainless steel now you can choose between a black IP plating on stainless steel or a silver color brushed stainless steel.

Reveal celebrates its 13th year with the creation of a newer and larger size. While copied, Reveal has never been duplicated… until now. Available in a 40mm diameter (1.57”), this oversized Reveal is not just a man’s watch, but is for anyone who prefers a larger and bolder timepiece. Created in 2001, Reveal is tomorrows classic today!

A unique analog watch that reads in a digital format. A true contemporary of time!

For a more complete view of The 40mm Reveal Watch be certain to scroll down a bit to see the working model. The 33mm size Reveal is also available in a oh, so cool blue as well.

Reveal is 40mm in diameter (1.57″) and 8.85mm high (0.35″)

Technical information

Case dimensions: ∅ 40 mm x 9 mm
Maximum wrist size: 215 mm
Weight: 55 gram
Country: USA
Materials: Stainless steel
Movement: Miyota (Japan)
Glass: Mineral
Water ressistance: 5 ATM
Warranty: 12 months