Squarestreet watches

Squarestreet is a relatively young brand. Its founders David Ericksson and Alex Holm decided to rent an open office located in the center of Hong Kong on the Square street. You can buy the most interesting squarestreet watches on It's My Wrist. That is why the designers from Sweden decided give this name to their new brand, giving the local people a completely new form of experience. The presence of the store in their own office creates a critical link between customers and the product. Its open for everyone who wants to see or even participate in the creative process. Thanks to this Squarestreet watches appear unique and incredibly modern.

Every Squarestreet product is designed and created by the founders, natives of Sweden. Perhaps that is why every watch by this Swedis duo has some innate integrity and aesthetic of Scandinavia. The Swedish duo of designers known for certain that their Squarestreet designer watches are required to be simple, functional, qualitative and affordable for everyone. All this, according to the creators, is incredibly important. Squarestreet is based in Hong Kong and produces designer watches to eliminate the intermediary links of supply, reducing costs, keeping customers close to the brand and the great service. In their turn, customers also get a great opportunity to get the best price.

The philosophy of the Swedish-Chinese brand includes the exchange of experience between cultures of Asia and Europe, thanks to the harmonious interaction of the brightest representatives of both cultures. Through skillful integration of the Scandinavian design ideas and Chinese fashion, Squarestreet watches have the opportunity to combine the European concept with a curious cultural phenomenon of Hong Kong. Squarestreet does not involve a long chain of intermediaries, works a lot with the fans, applies picking approach to the selection of their own suppliers. All this helps to create a feeling of coziness and home atmosphere, together with the full synergy of people and brand.