Vestal Watches

Meet the renowned designer watch brand, which offers you a unique approach on extreme timepieces – Vestal watches – which you can order on It’s My Wrist. Of course, through the times, watches was not an accessory of prime necessity, especially in cases of extreme conditions and active pastime. Often it's all comes down to the standard sports watches, which are enough. However, if you'll search more attentively, you'll find a sufficient number of curious representatives of this kind of watches. Each of them is a reliable and strong watch in all situations, with some great and useful features. Vestal designer watches fully fit this description. Now available in UK and Europe!

Buy now these quality Vestal chronograph watches that show that beauty can coexist with dangerous and brutal entertainment. California company Vestal was founded by the huge fan of design and sports, David Bonaventura, who has realized that he needs enduring functional watch which looks like it came from the world of style and fashion. Our store is Vestal watches UK an Europe best deal.

Almost any Vestal chrongoraph watch, in addition to some of the most curious and daring design experiments are indestructible stronghold on the wrist. Vestal watches became incredibly popular in California among fans of extreme sports. Then it became a small subculture and spread through the entire United States. Nowadays the company organizes music festivals, supports famous athletes and extensively promotes outdoor activities. However, Vestal doesn't miss the most important thing – their audience and their expectations.

At all times Vestal watch is a guarantee of unsurpassed quality and unmatched reliability, rich functionality and longlasting life term. All models are almost entirely produced using 316L steel as well as a very big hull elements, with a special design that allows you to increase shock and water resistance. Vestal watches offer sapphire crystal or strengthened mineral crystal, and the steel is complemented by a special vacuum coating with unsurpassed durability. Employees of the brand are entirely confident in the absolute invincibility of your product that provide every U.S. customer a lifetime warranty on their best timepieces.